30 April 2010

not . okay

I can't stop looking at this picture because it's really infuriating me right now. I'm getting so tired of all these fashion editorials where girls are put into really sexual positions that just look degrading. Do girls really like looking at these things or are these fashion editorials just for guys? I feel weird about reposting it, but I'm hoping people will comment with their thoughts on the subject.

ThePop.com shot by Robert Harper

-- via FGR --


something blue said...

Hi, I'm constantly getting inspired by your blog, I like the pictures that you've placed, I saw them only you, other bloggers, unfortunately, all monotonous. Thanks for the inspiration!

MargieF said...

hmm i agree that this picture is a little too far...im not a prude at all bit what exactly is this picture trying to say? its not about the fashion anymore its about the girl and sex.