12 December 2009

crystal wren

I'm sure this makes me a terrible person and I'll probably be killed for saying this but... I'm sorry... I think Crystal Wren was a lot prettier when she was thin. It's terrible that she had to be unhealthy to maintain a thin physique, but I just don't think belly rolls are ever attractive. I think you can be plus-size while still being toned, and while I think magazines should use more regular sized models (think, size 6 instead of size 2), I think glorifying overweight women is just as bad as glorifying underweight ones. Sorry!



While we're on the topic of anorexia, supposedly the Kate Moss quote that seemed to support eating disorders ("Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels") was taken out of context. In the interview she was talking about fashion industry mottos: “There are loads of mottos. There’s ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’ That’s one of them. You try and remember, but it never works." I don't know, Kate, it seems like it worked for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you said what everyone else is afraid to.

Anonymous said...

seriously.. i was about to object to your post..and then i scrolled down and saw your point. i always thought her phsyique was natural though wow!

Val said...

I think she looks fine. Curves are nice. Tum rolls are okay.. big deal? She looks attractive in my eyes. I feel the meaty picture looks a lot healthier.

Besides, as long as your BMI is fine (which I'm sure is true - for her in the new picture) - I don't see how it is unhealthy.