15 September 2009

leopard and ashish and topshop

These Ashish for Topshop platform wedge leopard booties seem to be strapped to the feet of so many style bloggers. I'm thinking they were gifted?

Fashion Toast



They're sold out now, and were too pricey for me to begin with. Any idea where I might find a suitable knock-off? When I type "leopard booties" into Google I end up with a million hits trying to sell me furry leopard booties for babies. Ha Ha!


Living in a Rose Garden said...

Lol That is funni, I think booties is kinda a tern used for babies footwere. I personaly don't really like these

Ivy said...

They weren't gifted but, each individual blogger who has them bought them online.

If you're looking for a leopard boot, here's one: http://www.office.co.uk/womens/office/minky_linky/10/7130/19272/1/