06 June 2009

scouring ebay: 6.7.09

I usually think that vintage on eBay is way overpriced. A funky vintage dress worn by a pretty, skinny girl in an ad can go for $50 when the original dress probably cost $5. But, then again, I'm also a sucker for eBay vintage fashion. If you find what you think is a treasure, a once-in-a-lifetime item, and you aren't just sucked in by the model-pretty regular-girl model looking unrealistically good in the clothing, then you've found something worth bidding on.

That all being said, here are some eBay vintage shops worth perusing:

Maki Maki Vintage

Mama Stone Vintage

i heart records

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Wends said...

that purple maki maki dress
yes, i do sell some of the things i make,
email me if you want me to make you something