12 June 2009

imitation is the sincerest form of... whatever, it means it's cheaper

The biggest problem with working in fashion is that I am constantly surrounded by things I want to buy (things on my coworkers, things on websites I look at in order to stay in-tune with trends, things my company - Forever 21 - sells) and absolutely can't afford. Today, for example, I greedily ogled the Alexander Wang purse one of my superior's totes to work every day:

It costs about $750. So of course I did some Googling for imitations when I came home and found this Steve Madden one:

More affordable at $198, but still a bit out of my price range.

I also discovered another Madden knock-off of an A. Wang purse.

(right) Alexander Wang - $800; (left) Steve Madden - $98

There's also this semi-similar Forever 21 take on the look, which is a hell of a lot more reasonably priced:

Forever 21 - $27

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