20 March 2009

feeling just a bit like a brit

Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. I've been feeling kind of melancholy these last few days (no particular reason). In order to cheer myself up today, I decided to look at pretty clothing on line that I'll hopefully be able to afford soon enough. I also thought that since I'm half-British and a Brit citizen, I'd pick some favorite items from two of England's top shopping destinations: TopShop and Miss Selfridge:

Miss S.

Miss S.

How ridiculously funny is that headband?!!


CokeAddictDammit said...

those shoes are so wonderful! they'd match almost everything in my closet, love it.

Marit said...

Love the dresses, And that feather thing was funny and cute :D

Emz said...

Oh cute shoes! I wish topshop would open in places other than new york!