03 February 2009

pringle of scotland: once you pop, you can't stop

Photos of the S/S 09 Pringle of Scotland ad campaign are out. Shot by Steven Meisel and starring Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, and Lydia Hearst, as well as my new male model crush, Ash Stymest.

I first heard about Pringle of Scotland from model Julie Marracino, who I met back in my Time Out New York Magazine fashion editorial assisting days:

Styling by Kristina Dechter, now of Foam Magazine.


Ashley said...

when did you work at tony? i was an intern there!

iamtwiggy said...

Do you still know that model? I think i've seen her in magazines.

Anonymous said...

i'm crazy in loooove with ash too. how old is he?