27 February 2009

miscellaneous fashion week, part whatever

I'm no longer keeping track of my fashion week posts because I'm so bad at keeping on top of these things. Anyway... these are some looks I love (in a big heap of disappointments):

I'm not usually a Missoni fan because I'm not big into prints or that kind of weekend-getaway look, but these piled on, bohemian, semi-homeless creations are fabulous. These actually make me excited for the prospect that I might be in cold weather next winter. I'm definitely going to stockpile chunky scarves and knit jackets next time I hit up a flea market (maybe Melrose Trading Post on Sunday as a birthday treat to myself?). I also definitely need more creams, beiges, and soft browns and grays in my life. 

I liked some of the gothic space-age dresses and skirt-top combos at Louise Goldin. I love the leather bustier looking thing (bottom photo) and the exaggerated hip (Balenciaga started such a trend!) on the skirt to the left. Also, I see a cut-out-shoulder t-shirt DIY in my future. 

Okay, and this D&G dress is just for fun:

Images via WWD


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love missoni's knits!

amelie said...

Semi-homeless is an excellent description for Missonis collection! And yes, I love love love it.