24 February 2009

lover the label/filippa berg

The designers behind Australian fashion label Lover (Susien Chong and Nic Briand) seem to have been very inspired by Swedish fashion editor and stylist Filippa Berg for the creation of their 09 spring collection "Sacred Hearts."

Take a minute to compare the looks:

click for a bigger image

click for a bigger image

I love the schoolgirl meets sailor clothes along with the Linnea in Monet's Garden hats. These make me very excited for the possibility that I might go to graduate school in England, because the looks are all very British countryside appropriate. Also, this is yet another reminder that I need a pair of spectator oxfords.

Read more about Filippa Berg at Bunny Bisous
lover the label
Lover images via
Knight Cat, Filippa images via Bunny Bisous


lili said...

wow. i love her look.

TheMinx said...

These clothes are sooo fierce I love everything about them.

July Girl said...

amazing..love all the outfits!!

Lisa F said...

haha OMG!!

Anonymous said...

YES! I read their press release in New York last year and it mentioned her as a muse for this collection! Why dont more people know about her. she is very original.

diamondsinchampagne said...

I can def. see the resemblence!
Very very cute collection

disa said...