18 February 2009

iris van herpen

I read a lot of fashion blogs. A LOT. There are 45 blogs on my Bloglovin' blog roll. It's almost kind of ridiculous. Mostly I look at pictures, follow links, and scan/read. This is a lot of information to take in every day and it takes a lot for something to really grab me and hold my interest. Today it was Fashion Pirates brilliant post on avant-garde designer Iris van Herpen. Instead of trying to copy what she said, I'll just give you a taste of van Herpen's designs and link you to Fashion Pirates.

More Iris van Herpen.


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Anonymous said...

yeah, this is really neat, i agree!

i used to follow that many blogs too, through RSS feeds, but i found that i was getting less and less inspired/original so i deleted all of my feeds, and just browse through blogs randomly when i have time. and since then i have found i am actually a much more creative dresser!

btw, those shoes on the sidebar that you are craving, SO GREAT!