02 February 2009

d.i.y. timeline: shreds & chains

The fashion blogging world has been abuzz for a while with D.I.Y. shredded jeans projects. Today I saw the next generation of this trend on BROOK & LYN: shredded skinnies mixed with silver chains a la Alexander Wang's shredded shorts with chains. I thought I should explore the timeline of this trend in order to better understand it:

September 2008
William Rast sends a pair of black shredded jeans down his Spring 2009 runway

November 2008
Erin Wasson shows up at a Beverly Hills party in these TopShop shredded skinnies

November 2008 (a few days later)
Fashion bloggers (floggers?) start shredding up all the jeans they can find

Even I try my hand at some jean shredding

(They're actually a lot more shredded than it looks like in the picture. My friend said it appeared as if a tiger had attacked me.)

January 5, 2009
These faded shredded jeans with a plethora of chains show up on KIGHT CAT

(I wish I knew who the designer was!)

January 20, 2009
PARK & CUBE beautifully D.I.Y.'s some Alexander Wang shredded shorts with chains

January 29, 2009
BROOK & LYN takes it to the extremely fabulous extreme with D.I.Y. shredded skinny jeans dripping with gold chains

The End.

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