19 February 2009

anzevino & florence

One of my favorite new label discoveries is Anzevino & Florence. I read about them on Kingdom of Style and a few days ago PARK & CUBE posted about them. The line is designed by west coaster Richard Florence and east coaster William Anzevino. They met in 2000 when they were commissioned by the Andy Warhol Museum to create some Warhol tees. They still make funky t-shirts featuring artwork and cryptic phrases, but it's Florence's architectural shapes and asymmetric lines that really draws me to them. 

I love the 80s cut-outs with the very modern nude. This is my version of the perfect spring dress.

Both these tops look so comfortable!

My birthday is on the 26th, anyone feeling generous? :)

Thanks to PARK & CUBE for the heads-up.

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