07 September 2011


I ran into two lovely ladies from stylemint.com on the 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica today. They took my pic for their Twitter wearing my new StyleMint tee. Thanks girls!

27 April 2011

]into desire I shall come

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19 April 2011


While driving the other day, my boyfriend and I passed this Bebe advertisement:

He said she was hot. She is hot...

Therefore I hate her. Not because she is hot, but because my boyfriend thinks she is hot. And he never points out girls who are hot, so he must think she's really, really hot. And to make it worse, she looks almost nothing like me. I'm more the bookish brunette. Why does that point make it so much worse?

14 April 2011


This is just unfair to regular looking women. Look how long her legs are! I say we sue her for emotional distress.

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by Nicholas D. Kristoff

President Obama in his speech on Wednesday confronted a topic that is harder to address seriously in public than sex or flatulence: America needs higher taxes.

That ugly truth looms over today’s budget battles, but politicians have mostly preferred to run from reality. Mr. Obama’s speech was excellent not only for its content but also because he didn’t insult our intelligence.

[....] Mr. Obama didn’t say so, but the United States accounts for almost as much military spending as the entire rest of the world put together.

[....] Ever since Walter Mondale publicly committed hara-kiri in 1984 by telling voters that he would raise their taxes, politicians have run from fiscal reality. As baby boomers age and require Social Security and Medicare, escapism will no longer suffice. We need to have a frank national discussion of painful steps ahead, and since I’m not a politician, let me be perfectly clear: raise my taxes! 

- NY Times, April 13, 2011 -

06 May 2010


I am in love with this woman's tattoo. It looks like someone just doodled on her back and she had someone tattoo over it.

I'm thinking about getting another one myself, maybe for my birthday. I want to get words instead of an image this time though. Maybe Charles Simic ("When I close my eyes everything is so damn pretty") or Anne Sexton ("With no special legend or god to refer to"). I need to get something literary, I have been studying writing for... oh, I don't know... NINE YEARS, and I wrote my first poem 15 years ago.

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04 May 2010

grunge . is . good

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This hat looks like something worn to the first thanksgiving dinner. I love it!

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03 May 2010

30 April 2010

not . okay

I can't stop looking at this picture because it's really infuriating me right now. I'm getting so tired of all these fashion editorials where girls are put into really sexual positions that just look degrading. Do girls really like looking at these things or are these fashion editorials just for guys? I feel weird about reposting it, but I'm hoping people will comment with their thoughts on the subject.

ThePop.com shot by Robert Harper

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29 April 2010


The title isn't referring to a t-shirt style but to the fact that I haven't posted in about two weeks and I'm not that eager to do so now. I was in LA having a grand ol' time with my friends and family and now I'm in Oxford where I had class for a few days, after which I immediately came down with the flu. However, these images have been sitting stagnant on my desktop for too long now and I thought I should post them. Sorry for the half-hearted attempt.

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13 April 2010

skin . and . bones

I can't decide if I love Margaux Lonnberg's bleached hair/bleached eyebrows look or hate it. I do know that I love her tattoos, wish I lived in Paris like her, and think she needs to eat a whole cake, or two.

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It's too bad that if I matched my hair to my eye color, I'd have to dye my hair a greenish brown that'd look like the color of a pond.

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10 April 2010

oh . reckless . abandon

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07 April 2010

carey . into . spring

This feels so spring! Too bad it's basically still winter in Washington State. Ggrr.

-- Carey Mulligan by Mikael Jansson . Interview Magazine . April 2010 --